Dos and Don’ts of Commercial Excavation

Site Work

ExcavationExcavation projects can be time consuming and expensive. However, when done right, they can save you plenty of cash during the construction process later on.

The work has its fair shares of risks so it is recommended to practice extreme caution during the process.

In order to protect your workers and get the job done smoothly, read our list of top do’s and don’ts.


Hire A Contractor

Due to the risks and hard labor involved in excavation, it is best to look for a licensed contractor with a great reputation for working on large-scale projects. Experienced contractors will bring with them the breadth and depth of knowledge about excavation along with a highly skilled workforce and advanced equipment.

Protective Clothing

Protective gear such as bright coveralls, steel toecap boots and hard hats must be made mandatory for anyone entering a construction site. This measure will minimize the risks of accidents and reduce injuries in case of mishaps.

Atmospheric Testing

Excavated areas are easy to be filled with toxic gases and hazardous fumes which often make their way to the bottom of area. Over time, the accumulation of these gases can lower the oxygen level in the trenches.

The invisibility and scentless characteristics of these gases make them extremely dangerous. Therefore, atmospheric testing is recommended to be conducted regularly to check for these gases.


Excavating Practice

Piling up excavated earth on the side of a trench is a potential risk for workers inside. Due to the loose soil, the pile can easily slip back in to the trench, burying workers at the bottom. Therefore, ensure that soil and any other surcharge is placed at least 2 feet away from the trench’s edge.

Suspended Loads

Ensure that workers are not allowed to work under raised loads. Whether the loads are suspended or they’re being moved by a crane, it should be made sure that there are no people in the area underneath.

Entrances and Exits

Separate areas for entrances and exits must be established prior to starting work on a construction site. They must also be clearly labelled for workers. Moreover, daily inspections of the area will ensure that the excavation job is completed without ant setbacks.


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