Land Grading – All You Need to Know

Land grading

Land gradingLand grading isn’t one of those things that immediately come to mind when you think of starting a new construction project. But it is one of the most crucial projects to carry out on any new construction site. No land site is naturally level; nature will have put high and low spots, even if they are in the wrong places.

Land grading, thus, is essential to making sure your landscape looks good and is level enough for construction.

Let’s take a deeper look into what land grading is and why it is so important for your construction site.

What is Grading of the Land?

Land grading usually happens after the site has been excavated. It involves cutting extra dirt from higher spots and using it to fill in the lower spots. This is why it is also referred to as land leveling; it evens out the surface of the land in order to provide a solid foundation for the structure.

It is also called as “cut and fill” grading as the process mainly requires cutting dirt from one place and shifting it to another. The main purpose of grading land is to ensure a smoother landscape that is free of any unnatural elevations or height variations. A level base is needed to lay down the foundation of any structure, as well as to landscape the area around the construction.

Another reason why land grading is so important is because it aids better drainage of the construction site as it slopes the land away.

land grading equipment

Why Does Land Grading Matter?

Are you wondering whether land grading is important? Here are a few reasons why it is absolutely essential.

A structure that has been built on uneven or ungraded land will continue to face water drainage issues. If the land isn’t properly graded, the water won’t drain properly from the site and will, instead, flow towards it.

So, in cases of significant rainfalls, excess water will accumulate all around the building’s foundation. This can damage the base, cinder blocks, any landscape vegetation, as well as risking interior flooding and considerable water damage.

Hence, professional land grading services are a must before starting any construction project. You’ll have a solid base upon which to build your building on. And you’ll be ensuring a long-term water drainage system.

Calling the Professionals

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