The Beginner’s Guide to Land Clearing and Site Preparation


There are a lot of sayings on “solid foundation” and some of them hit a chord with every one of us. When it comes to construction, the importance of a solid foundation becomes very much literal.

Because of the solid foundation, the importance of land clearing and site preparation in construction can’t be overstated. They are essential to every construction project.


These steps lay down the foundation for every structure, be it a house, an apartment complex, or a shopping mall. In fact, they are imperative to building roads as well.

What Land Clearing and Site Preparation Cost

The average cost of clearing a site and preparing it for construction is around $2,687 but it can go as high as $9,000. Since the processes involved in site preparation vary depending on the site, the costs can vary too.

Commercial construction projects require site preparation on a very large scale. Hiring a reliable and experienced contractor that can handle it could be the defining moment for your project.

So what exactly constitutes land clearing and site preparing and why are they so important? Let’s find out!

Land Clearing: What It Entails

Land clearing could constitute a number of processes, depending on the lot. Finding a good piece of land is usually the first step in every construction process. What follows after, is clearing the land, so it’s fit for construction.

land clearing

Land clearing usually involves clearing away any debris—trees or wild bushes and rocks. After the timber removal and dirt contracting, the land also needs to be leveled and stabilized.

Of course your piece of land may not need all of these steps but even so, land clearing needs to take place, even if on a small scale. The best course of action is to let professionals decide how much land preparation is required.

Site Preparation: What It Entails

Site preparation and land clearing are somewhat overlapping terms. However, site preparation is required even on lands with no trees, bushes or debris.

Your site may look squeaky clean and ready for construction. However, it’ll still need some preparation before the concrete starts pouring in.

Site preparation usually entails land excavation, grading and leveling, stabilization, and dirt preparation.

Land Clearing and Site Preparation: Why They Are Important

As touched upon before, these processes are imperative to laying down a solid foundation. In many cases, land clearing and site preparation could give you a solid foundation. On the other hand, they could burden you with costly construction delays down the line.

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